Backflow Prevention

What is backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of the direction of water due to differing water pressures. Water distribution systems are designed to flow in one direction from the distribution system to the consumer. Sometimes hydraulic conditions within the system may deviate causing water to flow in the opposite direction. The water in a system without backflow prevention system can flow backward from the consumer to the distribution system which risks the safety of the water supply and can cause hazardous conditions. Proper backflow prevention is vital to the protection of the water supply. Worcester Plumbing can install backflow preventers to protect your water supply.

How do we prevent backflow?

Worcester Plumbing uses air gaps, double check valve devices, reduced pressure backflow devices and vacuum breaker assembly when installing backflow prevention. Our experts will determine which type of backflow system will be required for you to attain the most efficient backflow prevention.

The most common types of businesses that require a backflow prevention system are:

  • Apartment buildings and condominiums
  • Restaurants
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Funeral services
  • Malls or any retail space with multiple tenants

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