Frozen Pipes East Douglas MA

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing in East Douglas MA

Water is a unique element in that in expands as it freezes. When water freezes, the expansion puts tremendous pressure on whatever is containing it. When water expands inside your pipes, it can cause them to burst causing a major plumbing problem. We can fix your frozen pipe in East Douglas MA.


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The pipes in your home that are most susceptible to freezing include the following:

  • Pipes that are outside, exposed to severe cold. These pipes can include outdoor hose bibs, water sprinkler lines and pool supply lines.
  • Pipes that are in unheated areas in the interior of your home such as pipes in your basement, attic, garage or crawl space.
  • Pipes that run against walls in your home that may have little or no insulation.

Prior to the onset of cold weather you will need to protect your home from frozen pipes by following our recommendations below:

  • Be sure to drain the water from your swimming pool and sprinkler supply lines. Check your manufacturer’s directions for specifics regarding your equipment.
  • Drain, remove and store the hoses you use outside. You will also want to make sure that to close the inside valves that supply water to the outside house bibs and open the outside bib to allow water to drain.
  • Insulate your attic, basement and crawl space. Adding insulation will help these areas to maintain a higher temperature which helps to protect the pipes.
  • Consider purchasing specific products that are made to insulate water pipes. You can purchase “pipe sleeves” or “heat tape” to protect exposed water pipes. Another way to protect your pipes without having to spend a lot of money is to use newspaper to cover your pipe. Even one layer of newspaper will provide a layer of protection to the pipe-keep in mind this may not be sufficient for pipes exposed to severe cold on a consistent basis.
  • You may also want to consider moving exposed pipes to a location with more protection-this would require a plumbing expert.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cupboards to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing.
  • Allow the cold water to drip from your faucet served by exposed piping-even the slowest drip will help to keep the pipe from freezing.
  • If you are going away from your home in the cold weather, make sure you set the temperature on your thermostat to no lower than 55 degrees-the amount of money you would spend on heat would likely be far less than the plumbing bill for having a pipe burst.

If you have frozen pipes in East Douglas MA, follow our tips below:

  • Turn your faucet on. As you treat the frozen pipe, the water that melts will need somewhere to go, having your faucet open allows the water to trickle out.
  • Apply heat to the section of the pipe that is frozen. You can apply heat using a heating pad, hairdryer, space heater, etc. Do not use a blowtorch, kerosene or propane heater or any other device which uses an open flame-this could be extremely dangerous. Apply heat until full water pressure is reestablished.
  • Check all the faucets in your home to ensure they are not frozen as well. If one pipe is frozen, it is more likely that others will freeze too.
  • If you are unable to find the location of the freeze or the location is un-accessible, be sure to call a certified plumber to come and alleviate the problem.

We hope these tips will help you prepare for and prevent your pipes from freezing when cold weather strikes.